Hey My names Chris Taylor,I’m a father, husband, I like comics, movies, books and writing, and while there are plenty of blogs and even a few great ones they all tend to cover one subject or two and some even try to cover them all. So I’m trying to blend them into something enjoyable, and you know what everyone enjoys? A good story. so  I thought to myself  “self, why don’t I make a blog about the stories these mediums tell” and there we have it this blog.

I’d like to give you nice folks a more specific idea of what were looking at here, the site is likely to feature:

Articles on storytelling elements

Links to prominent websites that cover other facets of the media talked about

Features of short stories, Novel Chapters, and web-comics from aspiring artist found throughout the web

Taking moment to look into real world stories and what makes them so interesting

Finding out what makes the classics classic.

Book, Game, Movie and really anything else that has a story to it reviews.

Bad Jokes

And hopefully many more as I this thing get’s rolling. Now go read something that has substance.


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