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I’m thinking of dropping some of my writing onto the site, just wanted some feed back from you guys


I’d just like to send out an apology to any of my regular and new readers for not having updated this Friday, between moving to a new home and anew job I just haven’t been online for the past two days. However I plan on posting Friday’s article on Monday and then resuming our regular Friday posting schedule on next Friday. Look forward to a very bucking awesome article in a couple of days.

The Archetype has recently added two new pages to it’s blog, the first is a submissions page for authors and viewers who would like to have their work or work they believe deserves to be feature on this site can be posted, the second is a writers resource page with links to websites that offer tips and tools for aspiring writers to use.

For those who are following along at home, Starbucks or wherever you get your wifi, Phyllis Moore of Myth Rider has nominated The Archetype for the Liebster award. Phyllis became a friend of The Archetype due to similar interest and excelent writing and if you have the time you should take the opportunity to visit her.

This thing

Now for the important bits, The Liebster Awards is given to small bloggers with less then 200 followers and excellent style format and content. It is passed by a nominated individual nominating 11 other blogs they believe meet the standards for the awards. Thos nominated are asked 11 questions by the nominee who came before them and the create eleven questions for those who follow. so with out further adieu here are the 11 question presented by Phyllis Moore.

1. What is you favorite breakfast?

French Toast

2. Who is you favorite author?

Harper Lee

3. If you could go any where in the world, where would you go?

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

4. Who would you go with?

My wonderful girl friend Ashely Johnson

5. How would you get there?

Cruise ship

6. Where are you willing to walk barefoot?

Just about anywhere, except Oklahoma.

7. What is your most memorable birthday? Why?

21 was pretty memorable, I did absolutely nothing

8. Sunset or sunrise? Why?


9. Would you jump out of a plane? Why or why not?

Yes, have you ever tried to watch and in flight movie?

10. Ice cream, cake or pie?

Pumpkin Pie Ice cream cake

11. Would you rather play an instrument, dance, go to a concert, or listen to music in the quiet of you home?

Concert hands down, me playing an just gives me and everyone within earshot a headache.

Now it’s my turn to nominate a few bloggers, but I into a bit a problem, I only have three blogs that I know of that fit Lieber’s standards, so here they are

1. Nightmare of a writer


3.Mind your Gamers

and here is my eleven questions for them.
1. Batman Vs Iron Man?
2.Is there a difference between anime and cartoons?
3. Eddart Stark Vs. Tywin Lanister?
4. What is you favorite genre of literature/film?
5. What do you want to do with your life?
6. Why should viewers read your blog?
7. Are you a jerk?
8. Do you spend to much time on TV tropes?
9. have you completed the first draft of your current Novel/screenplay/short story/ research paper
10. Daleks or Cyber men?
11. What is the first question, the oldest question in the universe, hidden in plain sight?