Part of what I’m hoping to accomplish with here at The Archetype is to give opportunities to new and aspiring writers, part of how I do that is by giving authors a chance to have some of there work featured here as a featured article. I spend a small amount of time every week looking for stories, comics, articles and other forms of fiction from authors that stand out and deserve recognition. With that being said I’m a busy person and the web is a big place and I don’t get to read as nearly as many good works of fiction as I’d like to.

So I’d like to ask my viewers to submit links to works that they believe deserve a shot at getting featured in the comments section so I can read over the work for myself. If you are an up and coming artist and you wish to have your own work featured submit the article to me via at


Submitted articles will credited to Author and will have a link back to the site of it’s origin, if submitted via E-mail the the feature will be accredited to author and a link will be displayed to a website of the authors choice.


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