Writer’s Resources

These days there a great deal of resources for just about any hobby or activity out there, for everything you want to do there’s a youtube video to tell you how to do it. I’d like to get a collection of those resources for writers here on The Archetype, so I’m going to do my best to gather as many websites as I can find that offer quality information for.


TV Tropes

Tv Tropes is a wonderful and often soul consuming wiki that records “tropes.” A trope is a recurring theme or plot device found in fiction and can range from how many forms of fiction take place on planets that are full of crap to the idea that hero always saves the day at the last minute.

Super Hero Nation

Superhero Nation is a blog that gives advice to new novel and comic book writers along with specific advice for writing superheroes.

Writers Digest

Writers Digest is another blog that often interviews well published authors for advice and tips for writers at ant point in there career, one of the nice thing about WD is that they neatly organize there articles by genre and skill level.

Manuscript Format

This little site offers advice on how to format your novel or short story manuscript before sending it to a publisher.

Write or Die

Write or Die is a web app that’s goal is to help you get as many words on the pager per day/hour/minute as possible by setting a goal and annoying you until you get it done.


If you have a website that offers quality advice or tools for writers in any format post a link in the comments and I’ll check it out. If it’s up to snuff I’ll add it to the list above.


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